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Barn Owls

Welcome to Barn Owls Class!



Summer Term 1 2022

It is a very special time for Queen Elizabeth II and much of our topic work this term will have a royal theme!

We are starting to investigate our big question - Do all living things need a home? -by visiting a very important person's home, Windsor Castle! Our local studies will take us around Burchetts Green looking at the many different kinds of homes we can find for all kinds of living things.

In history, we will be finding out about the role of the monarch and what significant events have happened during our Queen's reign, and finishing off our term by celebrating the Platinum Jubilee in our own special way!

Spring Term 2 2022

This term our topic is 'On the Farm'. We have lots of exciting activities planned, beginning with Science Week and including: a visit to BCA at lambing time; looking after 'Living Eggs'; investigating animal life-cycles and finding out about the food we eat and where it comes from. Our Big Question, this term, asks - Do we need farms? Let's see what the children think as they learn all about it this term!

Home Learning Friday 18.2.22

Good morning Barn Owls! We weren't expecting to be working at home today, but here are a few activities you can do on this very windy day. I wonder if you can spend some time looking at the effect of the wind today and maybe have a go at drawing your own windy garden? We look forward to seeing some pictures or messages telling us about your windy day, on Seesaw.

Hope you all keep safe and warm inside!




Check out the Twosday activities below - officially to be done on 22.2.22, but maybe you could start today?



Spring term 1 2022

Our latest topic is Space. We had a great launch day on our first day back to school, when we discovered a spacecraft in our school playground! We will be investigating and exploring it more, as well as finding out all about the planets, stars, famous scientists and inventors who have helped with space travel - and trying to answer our Big Question, Is there life beyond earth?

Autumn term 2 2021

Our topic until Christmas is the Victorians - we will be learning all about life for Victorian children, and finding out whether they had more fun than we do! Part of the topic will include exploring our very own school, which was built in 1868 so was a real Victorian school!!

Autumn term 1 2021

We hope you are looking forward to your start in Barn Owls, where we will be learning all about owls, where they live, what they eat, and lots of other fun activities during our first topic!




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