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11th July 2023 - Litter pick in the village

Our stalls at the Summer Fete

10 June 2023

The Eco Team had great success with their stalls at the summer fete.  They had a second hand toy and book stall, sold  home grown tomato plants plus Margot also made some bracelets to sell!  There were drinks and homemade cakes too, using reusable cups and mugs - a very eco friendly approach all round.  They raised over £200 for the school!  Well done Margot, Charlotte, Mrs Cullum, Miss Alderson and all the FOBGS parent helpers :)

Our new Bug Hotel !

May 2023

Our topic this term is Our Planet so in our Art lesson we made a new bug hotel.  Mr Bartlett very kindly helped (and supplied all the materials smiley).  The children also made their very own bee/bug hotel out of a tin can which they filled with bee tubes and sticks & twigs.

May 2023


Charlotte and Margot came up with a great initiative to encourage children to eat all their vegetables and have a well balanced diet by awarding stickers to children during ad hoc lunchtimes.  This proved very popular with lots of smiling happy healthy children! :)


April 2023

We all took tomato seeds home with us.  Look at them grow!!!




March 2023 Planting our crops!

March 25th 2023


Join us for Earth Hour this Saturday 25th March.  Give an hour for the planet!  Ways you can join in can be found here: 


17th March 2023

No one is too small to make a big difference!

We have joined the Great Big School Clean 17 March – 2 April 2023

and pledged to litter pick at


March 2023


Congratulations Charlotte and Margot in Snowy Owls who are our Eco Heroes this year.  Charlotte is our Walk to School Hero and Margot is our Recycling Champion.


Well done girls, we are looking forward to all your fantastic ideas!






January 2022


The Eco Action Plan has been steadily ticking along in the background.  Walk to School Wednesday happens every week and food waste is recycled as usual.


Watch this space for further information..

14th July 2022 Litterpicking

6th July 2022 What a harvest of peas! Camille and Jack picked them for our break time snack.

Eco Team with our Eco Schools Green Flag with distinction

5th July 2022 A wonderful sunny walk to school

14th June 2022

Today we had a textiles collection with Bag2School who will re-use and recycle our unwanted items.

We raised £20.00 for the school.  Thank you to all parents and staff for participating.


Eco Fayre Saturday 11th June 2022

Thank you to everyone who supported the children in their Eco Fayre this weekend.  We raised an amazing £400 for the school with a donation going to DEC.

Pictures from our Eco Fayre at the weekend



 We are excited to announce we have been awarded our Green Flag with distinction by Eco Schools. Thank you to all the Eco Team, staff, parents and local community for their support, ideas and enthusiasm over the past year.


Quotes from Eco Schools :

We love your ambition in tackling the topics where you scored lowest in the Environmental Review. This shows you have a confident Eco-Committee dedicated to maximising their impacts.


We love that you went litter-picking as part of your Eco-Schools work. Litter-picking is fun, impactful, protects wildlife and improves local communities - as part of Keep Britain Tidy, it's one of the Eco-Schools Team's favourite activities.


We loved the Eco-Committee video, a wonderful way to inform and involve! Your Bonus Questions responses are strong and highlights the incredible work you have done in the past as well as this year!


It has been wonderful taking the time to assess your application! We especially love how all actions are designed to involve and engage pupils and enrich their school life - proving that being 'eco' can also mean having a lot of fun!


Congratulations on achieving your Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation.


25th May 2022 Bug Hotel renovations are underway

19th May 2022

As we took part in the  Great Big School Clean, we were entered into a prize draw and our school is a winner!

We have won a goody bag containing signed copies of Somebody Crunched Colin – the brand new book from environmental expert and eco-journalist Sarah Roberts.

The beautifully illustrated new book is the perfect tool to engage young people with recycling and the impact plastic pollution has on the environment. It tells the story of Colin; a crisp packet with an identity crisis – he thinks he’s a flower! He can’t seem to find where he belongs, but he smells so delicious that all the animals want to eat him.


Thank you for taking part in this year’s Great Big School Clean. This year, an incredible 261,024 pupils joined our Big Bag Challenge and helped to prove that nobody is too small to make a big difference.

Congratulations and kind regards from  

Sarah Roberts, Keep Britain Tidy, and Eco Schools England.

17th May 2022

Saying farewell to villagers leaving to be near family.  Our litter pickers gave them a Good Luck card from the School.


Walk to school 10th May 2022

Eco Fayre - Saturday 11th June - 10-12 noon


Our Eco Team and School Council are having an Eco Fayre to sell the plants they have grown.  It all started when we planted tomato seeds in toilet roll tubes!


There will also be books, toys and clothes available to encourage recycling.  The Eco and School Council teams are keen to get everyone involved in doing a little bit extra for the environment.  Refreshments and homemade goodies will also be available.  Remember your reusable cup and bags!


Please walk if you can - the butterfly car park is a good place to walk from and a good distance for little legs!



Our daffodils and tulips in full bloom

Walk to school April/May - look how the seasons are changing

8th March 2022


Another good turn out for walk to school now the weather is improving.  So good to see parents getting involved and coming along :)

1st March 2022

We had five children walking to school this morning.  Great to see you all on a cold wet day.

1st March 2022 Filling Good visited and gave a talk to the Snowy Owls.

15th February 2022


A super walk to school, the children had lots of fun splashing in the muddy puddles and searching for fairy houses.  Great to see lots of children, siblings, parents and dogs this morning.

9th February 2022


Signs of Spring!  Lottie and Molly showcasing the bulbs the Tawny Owls planted.  Finley was enjoying a bit of bird spotting this lunchtime.



9th February 2022


Planting trees for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.



What a lovely morning for a spring clean around the school grounds.  The snowy owls enjoyed being busy out in the sunshine.




8th February 2022

A great turn out this morning for our walk to school!  So nice to see the snowdrops coming through in the woodland.

1st February 2022


Did you join in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend? 


Ensure you submit your results to




25th January 2022

Walk to school 18th Jan 2022

January 2022

Join us for Earth Hour, 26th March 8.30pm -

Our first Walk to School of 2022

Keep Britain Tidy - Please join us in The Great Big School Clean

25th March - 10th April 2022


We will be joining in with our bi-weekly litter picks at school and throughout the village.

7th December 2021 - A cold walk to school this morning

November 2021

17th November 2021 - Litter posters by Snowy Owls

16th November 2021 - Litter picking around the village

9th November 2021 Walk to school

5th November 2021


Congratulations to our new Eco Team in Barn Owls and Snowy Owls!  Well done Astri, Camille, Millie, Edward, Emily B and Jack G.

20th October 2021 - New Eco Team!

Children from KS1 (Barn Owls and Snowy Owls) were invited to say a few words about why they wanted to join the BG Eco Team during Mr Harris' lesson.  Names to be announced at the next Awards Assembly :)  We were very impressed with the amount of children that applied and how interested they all were to help our environment.  Well done to all children involved.

19th October 2021 - Walk to school, a beautiful autumnal morning

21st September 2021 A much brighter Walk to School today!

14th September 2021. Our first Walk to School of the year! A very wet but enjoyable walk, the first of many :)

July 2021. How to make a home for Bees

Still image for this video
The last week of term was indeed busy but we managed to squeeze in making a house for bees out of recycled materials. Jessica and Penelope are here to show you how. Do let us know if you make one!

7th July 2021


Today we had a textiles collection with Bag2School who will re-use and recycle our unwanted items.


We raised £69.30 for the school.  Thank you to all parents and staff for participating.





TEXTILE FACTS* from Bag2School   * WRAP report - "valuing our clothes"


  • The annual footprints of a household’s new and existing clothing are equivalent to the weight of over 100 pairs of jeans, the water needed to fill over 1,000 bathtubs and the carbon emissions from driving an average modern car for 6000 miles.
  • An estimated £140 million worth (350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year.
  • Consumers spend £44 billion year on buying clothes – or around £1700 per household. If clothes stayed in active use for nine months longer, this could save £5 billion a year from the costs of resources used in clothing supply, laundry and disposal. Given that over 5% of the UK’s total annual carbon and water footprints result from clothing consumption, savings of this scale would be hugely significant not only in financial and commercial terms but also environmentally.
  • By educating children on the importance of recycling, the concept of textile recycling will become part of everyday life for generations to come.     




30th June 2021 A selection of Air Pollution posters by Snowy Owls

14 June 2021

The Keep Britain Tidy litter picking campaign has come to an end, see the ‘Thank you’ on the link below.  

Well done to all the Burchetts Green Litter Heroes, children and parents!  Keep up the good work!


Did you know, litter picking is officially good for your health 😃