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Year 2 Leavers Day Photos

Year 1 Mini Beasts Summer 2

Great poem.
Great team work.  Well done.
Great contractions.
Insect circus poster.
Super insect ideas.
Super Effort. Great writing.
Amazing facts about spiders.
We have an enormous bean.
Great labels.
A cucumber preying mantis.
Great writing.
What a star.
A lego bumble bee
Explaining ideas.  Cute !
Great fact writing
Creative insects.
A pumpkin. Can you spot an insect ?
Bold ladybird pictures
Superb dragon story
Great modelling
Well done !
Rainbow art.
Super measuring.
Great to be back.
Good work.
Great ideas, clearly expressed.
Good inference.
Squirty maths.
Good thinking.
Great science.
Super writing.
Very creative alphabet.
Lovely writing.
A record breaker !
Looking tasty.
WOW Great cooking.
Lovely inference.
Super alphabet.
Super sun gear.
Great phonics.
Super maths.
Well done.
Good work.
Well done.
A challenge !
The phonics challenge.
Great thinking !
Superb science.
Very creative alphabet.
Just like Eric Carle.  Super !
Great information writing.
How many eyes does a spider have ?

Tawny Owls Home Learning!! Come and see how busy we've been!!

We went out to find Pippa's stones and found them all! We have added to them and now there are 7 stones to look for in the woods near Pinkneys Green. Can you find them all? Mrs Fennell x

Can you find our decorated stones on your walks?

Pippa has hidden these in Pinkneys Green Wood
Barn Owls (Year1)  Home Learning Gallery- Summer Term - DRAGONS

More Dragons from Barn Owls.

Dragon counting poem.
The Dragon Inside Me !
Superb Poem.
Great model Effie.
Cooking vegetable mash.
Afternoon tea !!
Recipe vegetable mash. Great handwriting.
Animals riddles.
Great dragon description.
What am I ?
Some dragon soup I think.
Great castle girls.
Looks delicious.
Lovely cooking.
The fly passed.
Very tricky fine motor skills.
Super values of endurance !
Looks tasty.
I like this !
Super symmetry.
Accurate measuring.
Loosing teeth...a common year 1 problem !
Great model of a castle.
A great game.  Super learning.
Great model making.  Well done.
Nature clock.
Super juicy learning.
Lovely colours as well in your pattern.
Delicious burnt  dragon sandwich.
Great fact finding.
Great dragon model.
Amazing board game.....
with instructions.
Great measuring with a ruler.
A letter to a penpal
Trying hard with maths.
What amazing work Emma.
Clap and bang for the NHS.
Working hard.
Out and about.
Doodle crazy !!
Super spelling the days of the week.
Amazing story writing.
Creative dragon puppets.
Tasty snadwich.
An enormous repeating pattern.
Sounds delicious.
Good work.
Great two lines of symmetry.
What a kind letter.
Great story.  WOW !
I like the zig zag scissors.
A good clear story map with annotations !
They look friendly.
Super story.
Great maths using 10 frames.
Superb symmetrical pattern.
Good symmetry.  Your leaves match well.
A delicious dragon sandwich.
Great full stops and capital letters.
A delicious dragon sandwich ?
A very clear story map.
Great focus.
I can see the hard work in this plan.
It was worth the effort.  Well done.
Super story writing.
Working with money.
Good, clear instructions.
A dragon sandwich ?
Amazing reading list.
Great story map.
Great life cycle information
Some good map work
You tried hard with your spelling.
What a lovely tea table.
Lovely language and punctuation.
Super ticket to the puppet show.
Is that a dragon lurking in the castle ?
Interesting language.  Well done
Good try. Remember capital letters !
Great thinking.
Clear number formation.
Super effort. Well done.
Lot's of thinking !
What a great plan.
Great imagination.
Lovely dragon passport.
Great focus !
Learning types of coins.
Careful when is hatches !
What a lovely sounding dragon.
Great watercolour techniques.
Working hard.
Interesting hatching eggs !
Superb maths.
A good place for a dragon to live.
Working hard.
A dark and gloomy place !
Some lovely phrases.
Great work on the seasons.
WOW.  He looks fierce.
Lovely strong colours and nice details.
Super dragon models.
What a good idea to use Lego.
Lovely pencil drawings.
Working hard.
Well done. You sorted them well.
Super skills of an effective learner.
You are working hard. Keep it up !
Super model making
Too wet for butterflies.
Learning vocabulary. What's the word ?
Learning vocabulary. What's the word ?
Super dragon labels.
Super sorting.
Sounds amazing.Can she walk ?
Can you imagine this dragon ?
Great work.  Super model.
Amazing model dragon.
Great sorting.
Stan is beautiful.
Taking part in assembly.
Dragon clues found in the garden.
Model making.
Is this a real dragon ........
Look what I've found !
Great vocabulary.
Designing a dragon trap.
Exploring castles.
Some dragon eggs !
Dragon Trap Instructions.
Using the suffix 'ing'
Out on a Scavenger Hunt.
Designing a dragon trap.
More dragon eggs have been found !
What will hatch out ?
A superb castle. Watch out for the dragon !
Guess who ?
Making a castle.
A gorgeous rainbow
Great teamwork.
Great vocabulary and punctuation.
What an amazing castle.
Looking for clues !
Is that a scorched fir cone ?
Did you find a faint footprint ?
WOW ! A gigantic footprint.
Great vocabulary.
A very clear dragon trap.  I think it might work.
Alphabetical order.
What a lovely poem.
Some more poems to enjoy.
Out on a Scavenger Hunt.
A stick bigger than your hand !
A good trap design.  Did it work ?
Equal groups.
A stick much bigger than your hand.
Some questions for a Drogonologist.
Super vocabulary and a great design.
Super suffix practice.
A clear story plan with speech bubbles.
A good story -  great full stops.
On a wild flower hunt-Can you name it ?
Is this White Deadnettle ?
Goodness some dragon footprints !
A dragon trap.Great design.
Looking a geographical language.
Days of the week wheel.
A great dragon egg.
Superb passport.
Good ideas about living in a castle
I love the .sound of your dragon
Great drawing with speech bubbles.
A good choice of dragon.
Great spelling practise.
Lovely work on signs of Spring.
Super drawing.
Excellent maths.
Barn Owls Picture Gallery - Spring Term 
Labelling the parts of a plant.
Growing a bean.
Understanding the parts of a plant
Designing a flower.
Out looking for wild flowers..cowslips !
Labeling a plant
Labeling a plant
Writing a story.  Super punctuation.
Story writing and planning.  Super effort.
Writing and planning a story.
Writing and planning a story.
Learning about the prefix 'un'
Learning about the suffix 'ing', 'er' and 'est'
Using alphabetical order.
Writing a story.  Lovely handwriting.
Hard at work.
Capacity Puddles.  Well done.
Capacity Puddles.
Capacity puddles.
Labelling and drawing.
Making a 3D model or map.
Map drawing from a 3D model.
Making maps from a 3D model.  Super work.
Maths-Equal groups.
Model making from a variety of materials
Happy Easter
Equal groups using resources from home.
Easter gardens.
Easter Gardens
A chocolate factory.
Making models.
Den building
Model making.
Model making.
Have a look at our superb Easter Gardens.  

Meet our friendly Burchetts Green eggs!!


Look at all of the lovely rainbows Burchetts pupils have created! Aren't they beautiful!


History Gallery

Please look at our History Gallery where you can look at pictures of our fantastic History days and visits.

Here are a selection of useful websites where you can discover and find out more about your topic.


Victorian Day

Whole school drill
Searching for the school founding stone
Look at our costumes!

History Visits

Eton College


Finding out how pupils in Edwardian times lived
Fordson Tractor Visit
Ashmoleum Museum trip
Reading Museum trip
Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing our photographs.



During April we had some very special visitors at school. These duck eggs hatched into 5 little ducklings under our care, and we spent 2 weeks watching them grow fluffier and fluffier, and becoming more active. We fed and watered them as well as cuddling them - and even gave them a bath!

We celebrated Easter by creating our very own Easter Gardens using lots of different natural resources and Easter-related materials. We shared with each other and made our gardens alongsider each other, using each other's ideas and learning from each other. We also worked with Mrs Maynard to make an Easter Cross using the daffodils we had all donated.
We had a very snowy March trip to Chessington Zoo to visit the gorillas and watch them being fed during our Gorillas topic.
We enjoyed our mums coming to join us in school to celebrate Mother's Day. We sang them some songs in assembly (there may not have been many dry eyes in the room...!) and then they relaxed during a pampering session where we painted their nails - some very creative and artistic efforts here!

In February we celebrated our Japan topic by holding a Japanese tea ceremony where we tasted different teas and ate rice cakes. We all dressed up in different Japanese costumes, from kimonos to full Samurai warrior armour!

We have enjoyed two special visitors this November.


On Friday 17th we had a visit from some reindeer (thank you FOBGS!) and we all had the chance to learn more about them, as well as having our photos taken with them. It was a good starter to the Christmas season! 

  We also had Olympian Richard Buck visiting the school. He told us all about him and how he got into athletics, and gave us some training to we can become medal-winning athletes like he is!
We dressed up as toys for our Toy Day and spent the day learning all about different moving toys. We made different types of puppets and performed our own moving doll dance to our parents!   
Our first topic this term is Journeys which we have linked to a global theme this year, with a whole International Week. We all dressed up in outfits and costumes from different countries around the world - we even tried typical food from all the different countries!
We had a special music visitor who taught us all about music from around the world.
Tawny Owls tried out some African instruments and learnt about rhythm.
Barn Owls found out all about Hawaiian music and had a go at some hula dancing.
The Snowy Owls practised a dragon dance and learnt all about some of the animals that are special in China.
We had a great day and felt as if we'd been all around the world!



We welcomed our Dads and Lads into school for Den Day on Monday 19th June - we all had a fantastic day in the sun building dens out of different resources. Our visitors came with great plans and designs for some fabulous dens and we some great teamwork as everyone worked together to come up with these masterpieces!

The whole school decided to Walk4Wildlife on Friday 19th May as part of a nation-wide initiative to break the Guinness World Record for a mass sponsored walk.We raised money for the Harper Asprey charity, who had visited us to give an assembly about the work they do protecting and looking after hedgehogs.

We have loved having two lambs as our resident pets this term.

We have been feeding and looking after them, and they have enjoyed roaming round the school grounds and joining in with our learning and play!


Barn Owls made some delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

Some fabulous Snowy Owls writing!
Our beautiful Sensory garden with the new plants kindly donated by our parents.
We love learning the cello in Snowy Owls!