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Collective Worship

We take part in daily act of Collective Worship. Worship lies at the heart of Christian life. At Burchetts Green this means many exciting and spiritually developing experiences for all the children. Collective Worship is embedded in our understanding of sprituality, that is 'Living life in all its fullness - an opportunity to flourish' (John 10:10). Our School's christian values; Friendship, Compassion, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Trust, Peace, Endurance and Reverence help us live out this understanding. 

 We follow the Anglican Church Calendar to inform our worship and we have an excellent relationship with the local Churches to support this work including those within the parish and Jubilee Church in Maidenhead.

We believe that the outcomes of collective worship should be.

- A spiritual experience 

- A social experience

- Opportunity to pray and reflect

- Awareness of others and of God

- Confidence in ourselves as children of God


The timetable below shows which Collective Worship we have each day.


Monday: Collective Worship is based on our vision and how this relates to one of our eight values. The value is referred to throughout the week, during lessons and playtime. Teachers praise children as they express the value and reward appropriately. This assembly is led by the headteacher.  

Tuesday: On Tuesday a team from Jubilee Church present 'Open the Book' to the children. This is a simple dramatic telling of a bible story. Children are invited to help act out the story with the Jubilee team. Children have an opportunity to reflect on what the characters in the story have learnt and how they can learn from them. After the presentation the children pray and worship through song.


Wednesday: On Wednesday, class teachers lead worship within their classrooms. This is an opportunity for children to worship in a smaller group and ask the 'big questions' they might have. The value is reinforced during these sessions. 


Thursday: We use our Thursday Worship time to celebrate God's Love in song. We come together for a singing practice as well as considering the week's value.


Friday:  Friday assembly is  our 'Award Assembly'. Children from each class who have been observed by staff to be expressing our value of the week are given a special celebration certificate. During this time of Collective Worship the children congratulate those who have received an award for the efforts they have made during the week.

Copies are available in our associated churches or from the school office.



Our sending out prayers include:


Visitor's Prayer: The good we've heard, Embed in our hearts to guide our way


Friday Prayer: We offer our work and time and play, To give glory to you everyday


Our School Prayer: This is our school, Let peace dwell here, Let the rooms be full of contentment, Let love abide here, Love of God, Love of one another, Love of mankind, And love of life itself, Let us remember, That as many hands build a house, So many hearts make a school, Amen.


"If a school is to be an intelligent community it will always need space to reflect, time to stop, to consider its priorities, to extend its horizons. That is what collective worship is about." Dr Rowan Williams - Former Archbishop of Canterbury


Our school values are displayed in the hall and in each classroom so we can refer to them during Collective Worship and in times of reflection.