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Our School's Curriculum Intent

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Our Curriculum Intent:

Our school’s vision, (life in all its fullness – an opportunity to flourish, John 10:10), is designed to support the knowledge and skills we want our children to gain through interaction with our bespoke curriculum.


A huge amount of care and attention is taken by Burchetts Green School staff in developing a safe, dynamic and relevant curriculum for our children. It has been designed with purpose. Its active, outdoor emphasis allows young children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers. We believe a good education is more than an academic education. We want our children to have fully rounded characters with a clear understanding of values that shape societies, (such as our school’s values and British values).  We want them to be motivated by a strong personal sense of morality. If we get this right, they will make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their communities.


Our learning environment is one that we are particularly proud of. It includes our woodlands adjacent to the school and at BCA, our trim track trail on BCA land as well as our delightful grounds.The range of activities enjoyed by the children is unusually diverse.


We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning. This is because we believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time. There should be no limits to curiosity and a thirst for new experiences and knowledge should be nurtured. To this end there are many school outings both locally and further afield which further enhance the experience of the curriculum.


Under the careful guidance and gentle care of the staff, children at Burchetts Green flourish as they are encouraged to 'Live life in all its fullness'. Through our curriculum each child is given the opportunity to shine where they excel and to gain confidence where they lack it.  Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We have designed our curriculum to celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.

 We believe our curriculum, supported by our school vision, Living life in all its fullness,  prepares children well for the next stage in their education.